Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hatred in Uganda Justified with Christianity

I have nothing against the Christian faith. I love the people who follow and believe in it. I love the people who actually follow its messages of love, compassion, and help for all mankind.

This video shows, however, the dark side of the Christian religion (as there are sides to all religions) and the hateful acts that some people in the world use Christianity as an excuse or justification for.

I don’t understand why people must jump to hatred in the face of a problem that does not exist. Homosexuals are not pedophiles and do not have a master agenda to take over the Christian civilization as Scott Lively suggests. People say he has the right to say what he wants. But he does not have the right to spread hatred through outright lies and do so under the pretense of love and protecting values. He is a hateful person and, in my mind, not a true Christian. That is all I see in him.

People like this, who use Christianity to justify hatred (including murder and life imprisonment) are the true threat to Christian society. I would be worried about them destroying all that is good in that religion.

After much world hype and denouncement of the bill, it was rejected in the form you see in this video, but is still under consideration by the government in Uganda and still includes the death penalty for repeat offenders or those with HIV.

Information on this was heavily in the news a few months ago, but now has fallen off considerably as news concentrates more on DADT and ENDA in the U.S. This problem in Uganda, however, has not gone away and is still extremely dangerous. And on the larger scale, the immense hatred that is being justified with Christianity is appalling and incredibly destructive towards the religions ideals.

We must not forget that this is still happening in the world so that we can remember to fight it.

Spread Love. Stop Hate.


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