Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pic of Love (III)

Pic of Love (II)

I am going to get a Tea Cup Pig

So I just found these adorable ADORABLE creatures. I have always wanted to adopt a pig, one, to save them and two, because they are so cute, sweet and smart.

When I found these tiny tea cup pictures I immediately knew that someday I will get one! They are just so adorable and make wonderful pets. And they stay relatively small. Just look at these pictures and tell me you wouldn't want one...

Give them a reason to be Thankful!

**Caution** **Caution**

Have compassion and love in your heart. Do not kill for an hour of enjoyment. Break against society and STOP the bloodshed.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gentle Thanksgiving


I found this wonderful website earlier today. Goes along with everything I have been saying in regards to thanksgiving.

Be thankful, kind and compassionate this holiday. Let the Turkeys live; I guarantee you, they will be thankful.

Some of the big points from the site (and the movement).

Reasons to not kill Turkeys for a human holiday:


For the Animals

Abusing and killing an innocent bird betrays the life-affirming spirit of giving thanks for our life, health, and happiness. The nearly 300 million turkeys killed each year in the U.S. spend their entire lives crammed in large sheds with little room to move. Artificially inseminated and selectively bred to gain enormous amounts of weight, they suffer heart attacks, broken limbs, lameness, and death from their genetically-induced accelerated growth rate. Most of these same conditions apply to "free range" turkeys.


For Your Health

Turkey flesh is loaded with cholesterol and saturated fats, which have been linked conclusively with an elevated risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases that kill 1.3 million Americans annually. Turkey flesh is also contaminated with deadly pathogens and antibiotics.


For the Globe

In addition to threatening personal health, factory farming is a global problem. Much of the 10 billion pounds of manure generated by 7,300 turkey farms in 33 states ends up in our drinking water. Grain fed to turkeys is denied to millions of starving people in the world's most impoverished nations.


Just think about how little you need to give up and how much they will gain. One meal for a life. I don't think that is a fair trade.

My heart goes out to all the Turkeys who have lost their lives for this bloody holiday. <3

*Important Changes*

After recent posts and the incredible backlash that I have had to deal with from them, I am making several changes.

1) My personal Facebook is now offline. Permanently. Or at least in the close for-see-able future. This is in an attempt on my part to control my personal opinions and ideals. Which I apparently need to do. While it may cause a slight communication gap, it is in no way closing communication with me. If you need to talk to me, see what is going on in my life, or whatever, you have access to 1) my Twitter, 2) my blog, 3) my YouTube channel, 4) the PronounMe facebook account, 5) my cellphone, and 6) my emails. They have all been linked before (with the exception of my cell number and personal email) so put in some effort and go look for them.


2) Under necessity, I will be putting warnings on certain posts. The PronounMe Facebook, I will try to keep as impartial as possible and try to avoid hurting anyones feelings. It will also have connections on a much broader level. This blog will still have all kinds of posts. Ones that I feel may offend certain people, hurt sensibilities, or whatever will have CAUTION warnings in the title and start of the post. Please stop at these warnings if you don't want a read that may offend you. If you proceed through warnings then do not complain if you are hurt. My Twitter account is unable to be censored as it is so short, so just assume that the entire account has CAUTION on it. Although, in the big scheme it is usually fairly tame. My YouTube channel will also have warnings in the description bar. Moral of the story: read descriptions and titles and be aware that things may offend you. Don't read if you can't handle it.

I am sorry if this seems somewhat over-kill. But I am tired and have been thrown over the edge by people ripping into me for things that I say. Whether it is argument or not, I am tired of feeling like shit because many of my opinions do not align with the general populous.

I hope this helps protect delicate sensibilities.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

John Mayer - Battle Studies

John Mayer - Battle Studies
If you have not purchased or listened to this album... well... just go take a listen. NOW. It is purely magical. Purely. I am in love.


Yay Spock!

I love him :) Yes, yes I do. It is totally logical.

Btw, I totally have his Spock shirt :) Yay!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Life Update

So, wow, I just looked at things and realized it has been a while since I have updated things. Can you tell it has been a busy week? Yes, yes it has.

Although it is a good point to suggest you all follow me on Twitter ( I update that a whole lot more! It is much faster. And you don't have to read as much of my boringness. Yay! So ya, enough of that little promo.
Life, recently, has been somewhat rocky. Not gonna lie. I have, at least I feel, reinvented my life, or at least tried to. I have devoted my life to truly being me, no matter what others think, as well as trying to love everyone at least a little. For the most part this has been ok. But it also seems to have plunged me into some bad feelings. Not because I dislike these choices, but because of hardships that have surfaced because of them.

For one, I feel like I have separated, or am slowly moving apart, from a very large extent of my close friends and past support network. I have now somewhat come to terms with this. A major issue is that, even though they have helped me through so very much, and I am so very greatful, the ones I have talked to don't really understand the things I am going through now and so struggle to support me. And many others I have just not talked to (or talked to only about their problems). And this is ok, I guess. Just means that I need to find a different network to help me through these new things (if such people exist).

Not that I will, or ever would, truly leave the wonderful friends in my life. I just feel that we have moved to a different level together. I am not being clear. Lets change the subject.

One quick note though, on the loving everyone idea. For the most part that is true. But don't take that to mean I really love everyone. I do have a limit. And people can easily throw away my love for them by what they do. I do not love the haters, I pity them. And I do truly hate some people, like the idiots who sat around watching that girl get raped in California. But then again, they cannot be classified as truly human. So there we go. Moral of the story though: I love you, but don't push me.

To concentrate on the high points (not high that way!) or at least the parts that have made me feel a little better: I got my haircut the other day! Yay! I know you are all excited. It has blue purple in it! I will try to get a picture. Also, I found another amazing pair of jeans at Savers the other day! And hopefully tomorrow will be going out to get some new stuff for my trip. And then of course I have had a few times of shoe shopping! Didn't buy anything, but trying them on always makes me feel so much better.

And then best of all, on Sunday I leave for Seattle!I love that city so damn much. I will blog a whole more about that when I get out there. But basically I am super super stoked! Hopefully, it will pull me out of these crappy feelings I have been stuck in recently.

Ok I am done with this post for now. I will update a little more since I will have some free time this next week. But again, Twitter guys. Even if you don't have one, you can see my latest Tweets in the side bar ---->>


Monday, November 16, 2009

Loss & Abandonment

"Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye old friend; I can't make you stay. I can't spend another ten years wishing you would anyway.... You won't see me anymore."

Useless Desires by Patty Griffin

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pic of Love (I)

I decided we need more love in this world. So I am going to constantly be on the search for fun, meaningful, and full of love pictures. And guess what?! They will all end up here. I know you are excited!

Here is number one!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Random Thoughts on Society

New Video!

The PronounMe Universe

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Inner Thought

My new saying and path in life is "Find Yourself. Be Yourself. Love Yourself."

While I have felt in the past that I have moved from different stages in this saying, I now feel that I am still within the "Find Yourself" segment. Parts of myself are solidly formed and will never changed. And in certain matters I am very set in myself, but not in every way. I am working on this now and have re-devoted myself to inner thought. Hopefully this will help me reclaim some happiness.

A major problem I continually run into, and dislike myself for, is the need for someone else. I want more than anything to be a self fulfilling person, who can be strong, happy, and make change in the world with just me, not dependent on any one else. I have tried hard to get there. Continually. And I always will. But I cannot seem to move past the desire or yearning for at least some one to share my life changes with; some one to help become a strong and independent person; some one to be truly interested in my life and who I can share an interest in theirs; someone who will hold me tight when hard times come, 'cause I know they will; just someone to be with.

I am always looking for this person. I sincerely hope they are out there.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Similarity vs. Conformity

I do not hate similarities or encourage you to live without them. Just be careful they are not used to exclude people or to spread hate. Spread love instead! Head to YouTube channel to comment, rate, and subscribe! * *

Clarity Disrupted

So my brother saw the new bag I purchased, this morning. And he said a few things that I have been lost in thought about ever since. He was very supportive as always so it is not about that at all. But eventually we got into the point in our discussion of it where he said: "It was designed for a woman." He said that we can change who wears it and what people think but not that it was "designed for a woman." Or a man on the other hand. This statement made me think.

My first reaction was anger and I wanted to jump into defense mode. But I stopped myself so that I had more time to think. Our conversation fizzled out, but I am still pondering what he said. It makes me uncomfortable and do not want that to be true, but I have a feeling that it might be. I am not sure what to think, or how to counteract this observation.

My deep thoughts on the subject, at least as of now, have been to no avail. So I am putting the subject out here so that hopefully I can find some clarity on it, and hopefully someone will comment and give me their opinion on this. I see trouble for PronounMe if I cannot get past this.

Please comment.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The Way to Happiness (Repost!)

Resposted "The Way to Happiness" Video.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Notice the change?

Ok, so I know I have been making a lot of changes recently to all this online stuff. And I know you are all pissed and what not; sorry for the annoyance. I have been moving and working on evolving all of my online presence so that it all works together, allows me to reach more people, be who I really want to be, and inspire and inform people to create some change.

On that note... the final change in my master plan is now underway! I have changed all of my online presence names (from the variety that they were) to PronounMe.

PronounMe comes from the fact that the only pronoun that I truly represent is me. The only person I truly represent is me. Nothing else. While I may identify and use other pronouns, the only true on is "me." Really for anyone. This is the message I am trying to spread: Be Yourself. So yes, that is my new name. My Twitter and Blog have both been updated completely (hopefully you noticed) and now I am creating a new and updated YouTube channel to be synced in. This is taking a little longer, sorry for that.

My new channel is up!

* *

Make sure to go THERE and subscribe and view. Discard the Voycon channel (it will be deleted shortly). PronounMe Channel does not have any videos up at the moment (as uploading takes a bit) but I will get them all up soon. All old ones will be there as well as some new!

In the mean time, posts to this blog containing vlog posts will not work. Sorry for this also. As soon as I get all the vids up again I will repost all of these.

Thanks! And I appreciate you hanging in there while I work through all this.

Luv you all!

*Blog Exclusive* - Support vs. Protection: Dealing with Hate

*Not on YouTube OR Facebook*

Here's my new video about the difference, in my opinion, between support and protection. I never asked for anyone's protection, because at the moment (and through all these past events) I haven't needed it. If I need it I will ask for it. I love support, but offers for physical (and epecially violent) protection irk me. Hate + Hate does NOT yield positive change. Therefore I do not support physical violence in respond to hate.

Hate is the easy way out of any situation. It is simple, it is powerful, and it is strong. But it also shows peoples lack of understanding (of the world and themselves) and shows there own discomfort with other people being who they want to be. Hate is their problem! Don't ever think that hate is your problem if you receive it. Whoever gives hate is the one who has to deal with it; and it is harmful to them.

Overcome hate, not by getting violent and punching people, but by smiling and showing that the hate they try to use DOES NOT affect you in the least. This is where true strength is shown.

Hate is easy; Stay away from it; Always smile

**Sorry for the long load time...

My New Purse

This is how I do a purse! That's right y'all. I find it fabulous (although I am slowly altering it already). What do you think? Oh wait, thats right, I love it and thats all that matters! :)

Don't forget to keep an eye out for my new video chronicling all the new things I bought (and more!!)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Word "Fabulous"

My new video: "Fabulous."

What do you think?!

The True Meaning of Diversity

So this is one of those true blog random thought moments. But an event happened today that really made me think and angered me to say the least.

As I was walking on campus today (as most of my stories now start) there was a small rally of people talking about diversity (at least from what I could tell). The majority of them were not caucasian. As I walked though them I heard one of them say:

“What the hell does a white man know about diversity?”

The statement was not directed at me, but just something a few of the people there were talking about. I just kept walking, but as I went back to my car I thought about his statement and my anger grew.

I know very well that as a white male I am fairly high on our society’s chain. Caucasians are very much in a better spot and males are too. This is another thing that has always irked me about society, but that is not the meaning of this post. Through society’s warped ways people are placed into boxes based on different aspects of themselves, and then these boxes are placed in order of importance on society’s shelf. Not a pleasant way of it; but that is how society operates; for now.

So even though some of the boxes I am placed in are high up (like being male and white) there are others that are much lower (very close to the bottom in fact). My sexual orientation and gender expression for example. In many ways I lean more towards the feminine side in my actions, and for that I am put down and sneered at. *This of course also proves the bad rap that women get; but, not to insult women in the least, a man (at least how society defines one) who exhipits more “feminine” qualities is valued a lot less than a women. This is because “feminine” actions are considered inferior to begin with and society has brainwashed everyone to hate a man who shows them.*

But I digress…

I am not even arguing or trying to prove that I am in a worse place than others (such as the people of different ethnicities at the rally today). **Although I will say one thing to that argument: No other minority is denied things by LAW. Just saying.** But when did diversity become only understood by people in a minority situation. Diversity is about difference and unique qualities of people. This can mean ethnicity (as it often is used to mean) but hundreds of other things as well: social economic status, sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, interests, clothing expression, dietary choices, ANYTHING THAT MAKES PEOPLE UNIQUE. Everyone is diverse, because every single person is slightly different. THIS is the true meaning of diversity.

In conclusion, I feel like saying a “white man” knows nothing of diversity is showing a lack of knowledge of the true meaning of diversity. Anyone can know about diversity by just looking into themselves and seeing how they are wonderfully unique.

Sorry that was so long; I have strong feelings on this matter. Let me know what you all think.


**Careful what you say; ‘cause I hear you, and I WILL write about you!**

My Friends Are Amazing

Recently I have been feeling very down on humanity. On the way they treat each other; on the horrible things they do.

But in the last few days I have been reminded of one thing that makes humans so amazing. And I do not mean everyone by this statement, but only a very select few people. Several of my closest friends are this kind of person.

Shit happens to people. It does. It is one of the worst parts of our society and one of the things I detest about humanity. The things we do to others. While it is horrible, bad things do bring out amazing things in people.

I have recently felt the strongest feelings of pride, respect and sheer love for my friends for the INCREDIBLE strength they show every single day. Whether it is recovering from terrible past experiences or going through present cruelties, they stand strong against it all! And while they struggle they are constantly succeeding; more than they even know.

I am reminded by these people that the bad people in the world truly have no power over us. They cannot bring us down. They cannot force us to change or be unhappy. Because we are stronger; we are better than them.

Anyone and everyone that overcomes the crap people in the world to be stronger, happier, and better people deserve and have my eternal love and respect! I am so proud to know all of you. You inspire me every single day.

*Stay Fabulous!*

Saturday, November 7, 2009

And We're Back!

Ok, so yes, I did start this whole blogging thing very recently; and yes, I have now moved back and forth several times. Get used to it people! That is just me!

Tumblr was not really working for me for several reasons: 1) it wouldn't connect to my Twitter; 2) video posts were very limited and so I have to upload to youtube anyway; and 3) I am not really sure the whole comment thing was really working. Plus some other stuff.

SO... the Doyle Element is back to where we are. Yes, the fabulous has moved. It is now back here! But there are several key changes and new stuff (yay!):

I have gotten really into this whole video blogging thing 'cause I think it is fun and lets you see even MORE into my fabulous life ;)

So, to the best of my ability this blog will be linked with my YouTube Channel:

That way you can all see my fun videos!

My Twitter and Facebook are now integrated into the blog as well. You can view my Tweets in the bar on the right <--- (Which is cool since very few of you have Twitter and so this way you can see little tidbits into my life without having to get an account). The Facebook badge, also on the right, will bring you to my page (add me all!). And even better, for those of you on Facebook that are all too lazy to head over here, you can view my blog posts DIRECTLY from Facebook in the "Blogcast" tab at the top. You should till come here though since you cannot see my tweets or any of the amazing things I will be adding to the page in the next few weeks; and you will be linked here anyway if you want to actually be involved!

It is MUCH easier for you all to comment here, than on Tumblr. There is a comment box under ALL posts. Use it. There are also three "check boxes" under each post with names: "Love It," "OMG," and "Hate It." You can use those for quick, fun reactions and feedback. On all videos yo can comment on the post here (links) or on my YouTube channel if you wish. Either is fun. I really hope you all will comment on things you find interesting if you have time. That makes this whole thing more fun! I get a lot of feedback on stuff on Facebook and I'd love if I could bring some of that here, for non-facebookers, and because it is a little bit more personal.

That is all I have to rant about for now! I will be linking all my latest videos and posts soon.

Hope you enjoy the "new" space! Luv you all!

Stay Fab!