Wednesday, November 25, 2009

*Important Changes*

After recent posts and the incredible backlash that I have had to deal with from them, I am making several changes.

1) My personal Facebook is now offline. Permanently. Or at least in the close for-see-able future. This is in an attempt on my part to control my personal opinions and ideals. Which I apparently need to do. While it may cause a slight communication gap, it is in no way closing communication with me. If you need to talk to me, see what is going on in my life, or whatever, you have access to 1) my Twitter, 2) my blog, 3) my YouTube channel, 4) the PronounMe facebook account, 5) my cellphone, and 6) my emails. They have all been linked before (with the exception of my cell number and personal email) so put in some effort and go look for them.


2) Under necessity, I will be putting warnings on certain posts. The PronounMe Facebook, I will try to keep as impartial as possible and try to avoid hurting anyones feelings. It will also have connections on a much broader level. This blog will still have all kinds of posts. Ones that I feel may offend certain people, hurt sensibilities, or whatever will have CAUTION warnings in the title and start of the post. Please stop at these warnings if you don't want a read that may offend you. If you proceed through warnings then do not complain if you are hurt. My Twitter account is unable to be censored as it is so short, so just assume that the entire account has CAUTION on it. Although, in the big scheme it is usually fairly tame. My YouTube channel will also have warnings in the description bar. Moral of the story: read descriptions and titles and be aware that things may offend you. Don't read if you can't handle it.

I am sorry if this seems somewhat over-kill. But I am tired and have been thrown over the edge by people ripping into me for things that I say. Whether it is argument or not, I am tired of feeling like shit because many of my opinions do not align with the general populous.

I hope this helps protect delicate sensibilities.


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