Monday, November 9, 2009

Notice the change?

Ok, so I know I have been making a lot of changes recently to all this online stuff. And I know you are all pissed and what not; sorry for the annoyance. I have been moving and working on evolving all of my online presence so that it all works together, allows me to reach more people, be who I really want to be, and inspire and inform people to create some change.

On that note... the final change in my master plan is now underway! I have changed all of my online presence names (from the variety that they were) to PronounMe.

PronounMe comes from the fact that the only pronoun that I truly represent is me. The only person I truly represent is me. Nothing else. While I may identify and use other pronouns, the only true on is "me." Really for anyone. This is the message I am trying to spread: Be Yourself. So yes, that is my new name. My Twitter and Blog have both been updated completely (hopefully you noticed) and now I am creating a new and updated YouTube channel to be synced in. This is taking a little longer, sorry for that.

My new channel is up!

* *

Make sure to go THERE and subscribe and view. Discard the Voycon channel (it will be deleted shortly). PronounMe Channel does not have any videos up at the moment (as uploading takes a bit) but I will get them all up soon. All old ones will be there as well as some new!

In the mean time, posts to this blog containing vlog posts will not work. Sorry for this also. As soon as I get all the vids up again I will repost all of these.

Thanks! And I appreciate you hanging in there while I work through all this.

Luv you all!


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