Saturday, November 7, 2009

And We're Back!

Ok, so yes, I did start this whole blogging thing very recently; and yes, I have now moved back and forth several times. Get used to it people! That is just me!

Tumblr was not really working for me for several reasons: 1) it wouldn't connect to my Twitter; 2) video posts were very limited and so I have to upload to youtube anyway; and 3) I am not really sure the whole comment thing was really working. Plus some other stuff.

SO... the Doyle Element is back to where we are. Yes, the fabulous has moved. It is now back here! But there are several key changes and new stuff (yay!):

I have gotten really into this whole video blogging thing 'cause I think it is fun and lets you see even MORE into my fabulous life ;)

So, to the best of my ability this blog will be linked with my YouTube Channel:

That way you can all see my fun videos!

My Twitter and Facebook are now integrated into the blog as well. You can view my Tweets in the bar on the right <--- (Which is cool since very few of you have Twitter and so this way you can see little tidbits into my life without having to get an account). The Facebook badge, also on the right, will bring you to my page (add me all!). And even better, for those of you on Facebook that are all too lazy to head over here, you can view my blog posts DIRECTLY from Facebook in the "Blogcast" tab at the top. You should till come here though since you cannot see my tweets or any of the amazing things I will be adding to the page in the next few weeks; and you will be linked here anyway if you want to actually be involved!

It is MUCH easier for you all to comment here, than on Tumblr. There is a comment box under ALL posts. Use it. There are also three "check boxes" under each post with names: "Love It," "OMG," and "Hate It." You can use those for quick, fun reactions and feedback. On all videos yo can comment on the post here (links) or on my YouTube channel if you wish. Either is fun. I really hope you all will comment on things you find interesting if you have time. That makes this whole thing more fun! I get a lot of feedback on stuff on Facebook and I'd love if I could bring some of that here, for non-facebookers, and because it is a little bit more personal.

That is all I have to rant about for now! I will be linking all my latest videos and posts soon.

Hope you enjoy the "new" space! Luv you all!

Stay Fab!


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