Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Clarity Disrupted

So my brother saw the new bag I purchased, this morning. And he said a few things that I have been lost in thought about ever since. He was very supportive as always so it is not about that at all. But eventually we got into the point in our discussion of it where he said: "It was designed for a woman." He said that we can change who wears it and what people think but not that it was "designed for a woman." Or a man on the other hand. This statement made me think.

My first reaction was anger and I wanted to jump into defense mode. But I stopped myself so that I had more time to think. Our conversation fizzled out, but I am still pondering what he said. It makes me uncomfortable and do not want that to be true, but I have a feeling that it might be. I am not sure what to think, or how to counteract this observation.

My deep thoughts on the subject, at least as of now, have been to no avail. So I am putting the subject out here so that hopefully I can find some clarity on it, and hopefully someone will comment and give me their opinion on this. I see trouble for PronounMe if I cannot get past this.

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