Friday, November 20, 2009

Life Update

So, wow, I just looked at things and realized it has been a while since I have updated things. Can you tell it has been a busy week? Yes, yes it has.

Although it is a good point to suggest you all follow me on Twitter ( I update that a whole lot more! It is much faster. And you don't have to read as much of my boringness. Yay! So ya, enough of that little promo.
Life, recently, has been somewhat rocky. Not gonna lie. I have, at least I feel, reinvented my life, or at least tried to. I have devoted my life to truly being me, no matter what others think, as well as trying to love everyone at least a little. For the most part this has been ok. But it also seems to have plunged me into some bad feelings. Not because I dislike these choices, but because of hardships that have surfaced because of them.

For one, I feel like I have separated, or am slowly moving apart, from a very large extent of my close friends and past support network. I have now somewhat come to terms with this. A major issue is that, even though they have helped me through so very much, and I am so very greatful, the ones I have talked to don't really understand the things I am going through now and so struggle to support me. And many others I have just not talked to (or talked to only about their problems). And this is ok, I guess. Just means that I need to find a different network to help me through these new things (if such people exist).

Not that I will, or ever would, truly leave the wonderful friends in my life. I just feel that we have moved to a different level together. I am not being clear. Lets change the subject.

One quick note though, on the loving everyone idea. For the most part that is true. But don't take that to mean I really love everyone. I do have a limit. And people can easily throw away my love for them by what they do. I do not love the haters, I pity them. And I do truly hate some people, like the idiots who sat around watching that girl get raped in California. But then again, they cannot be classified as truly human. So there we go. Moral of the story though: I love you, but don't push me.

To concentrate on the high points (not high that way!) or at least the parts that have made me feel a little better: I got my haircut the other day! Yay! I know you are all excited. It has blue purple in it! I will try to get a picture. Also, I found another amazing pair of jeans at Savers the other day! And hopefully tomorrow will be going out to get some new stuff for my trip. And then of course I have had a few times of shoe shopping! Didn't buy anything, but trying them on always makes me feel so much better.

And then best of all, on Sunday I leave for Seattle!I love that city so damn much. I will blog a whole more about that when I get out there. But basically I am super super stoked! Hopefully, it will pull me out of these crappy feelings I have been stuck in recently.

Ok I am done with this post for now. I will update a little more since I will have some free time this next week. But again, Twitter guys. Even if you don't have one, you can see my latest Tweets in the side bar ---->>



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