Monday, November 9, 2009

*Blog Exclusive* - Support vs. Protection: Dealing with Hate

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Here's my new video about the difference, in my opinion, between support and protection. I never asked for anyone's protection, because at the moment (and through all these past events) I haven't needed it. If I need it I will ask for it. I love support, but offers for physical (and epecially violent) protection irk me. Hate + Hate does NOT yield positive change. Therefore I do not support physical violence in respond to hate.

Hate is the easy way out of any situation. It is simple, it is powerful, and it is strong. But it also shows peoples lack of understanding (of the world and themselves) and shows there own discomfort with other people being who they want to be. Hate is their problem! Don't ever think that hate is your problem if you receive it. Whoever gives hate is the one who has to deal with it; and it is harmful to them.

Overcome hate, not by getting violent and punching people, but by smiling and showing that the hate they try to use DOES NOT affect you in the least. This is where true strength is shown.

Hate is easy; Stay away from it; Always smile

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