Sunday, October 18, 2009

It hurts...

How do you get someone to notice you? Like even in the slightest. The normal methods are not working. But he seems so amazing. I want to get to know him.

This is typical though; falling for the guy that completely ignores me. I don't understand. Why does my heart do this to me? Or is the brains fault? I don't know, but whoever is at fault needs to stop it. It hurts.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Networking Pictures

Random thoughts come to me all the time. Usually they end up on Twitter. But anyway, I was thinking earlier how amazing it is how much pressure is put on pictures for social dating sites.

I have plenty of them, and recently, completely by accident, I did a little experiment. I had one picture up (nothing bad; get your mind out of that gutter!) for a long time. Well, a few months. And had had no real response at all. I didn't really realize or mind this since the internet is just secondary anyway, more for fun. And I was just too busy to even update it.

So then the other day, I changed my picture to a different one (still not dirty!). It was basically the same. I mean not spectacular. And yet, I got five new messages THAT DAY. I was like, wow. Either that is a crazy coincidence or my first picture really really really sucked.

Just made me think.... hmmm kinda scary really

Lights - Saviour

Amazing band! I love Lights. Check 'em out! This is the video for the song "Saviour"

Love it! Her new CD is out now too! Go get it!

Friday, October 16, 2009

3 Pillars of Online-ness

So just thinking here... (as I am bored with nothing to do; LAST time for that for a while)... there now seems to be three pillars of my online presence.

1) Facebook - well obviously. The oldest pillar. Just got stats on my profile (well status' mostly) and found that I have written 654 status' since my first one, 451 days ago. This wowed me. Not that is surprising that it is that high, I do spend my life online after all. But status' on facebook are all insights to my thoughts, emotions, and life. Crazy to look back at them...

2) Blog- Thats right! This here written thing that is updated...not often enough, and is super... well, boring I guess... But still represents things going on in my life. And when I get into the habit of working on it more (and maybe have a life with more to write about) it will be a larger pillar.

3) Twitter - And finally the newest one. Yes, I reactivated my twitter acount. While I, as well as everyone seems like, think Twitter is relatively stupid, it is nice as a place to get my status-ing out of me. When I find some music clip, some passing emotion, some awesome insight, or weird observation, I put it on Twitter. Bonus is, I know like 3 people on there (and they never us it) so my tweets are mostly ignored. So it is just a calming thing for me. Nice!

*** Tip: You wanna know what is really going on inside my crazy head? Check out my Twitter. Not nearly as censored as all this other stuff. Think of it as Connor *UNRATED* hahahaha Check me out:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Time for a new Definition.

I have always known, and people always remind me, that I will change the kind of person I am many times throughout my life. Now feels like one of those times.

I truthfully love my life (mostly) and have a blast with whatever I do. But overall I feel stuck in a major rut.
- I feel like I am constantly busy, but I have nothing to show for my "busyness."
- I am constantly consumed by a sense of loneliness in this world.
- My contribution to the betterment of the human race is practically zero.
- One of my most used phrases is "I wish I had that skill."

I think it is time to change all of this. Not sure exactly how but I am making a non-new years resolution that I will fix this. Fix my life.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Wow, I fail at keeping up with this. Ten days. Booooo. Bad me.

Weird thing too, and something I have been pondering a lot recently: What do I actually do? Like on a day to day basis. When I meet people I always get that question: "What do you like to do?" And every time I struggle to think of how to answer. That can't be right. Shouldn't that be one of those things that rolls of the tongue immediately after asked??

What do you think? If I ask you what you like to do, would you have an immediate answer? have to think about it? WRITE COMMENTS PEOPLE! Yes.

I will sit here working on calculus until you do....

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Welcome to the first day of October. And it came in with a deceivingly cold, windy and drab day. It looked nice though. The leaves have started to change, which is always pretty; but I am still not ready for fall and coldness.