Saturday, October 17, 2009

Networking Pictures

Random thoughts come to me all the time. Usually they end up on Twitter. But anyway, I was thinking earlier how amazing it is how much pressure is put on pictures for social dating sites.

I have plenty of them, and recently, completely by accident, I did a little experiment. I had one picture up (nothing bad; get your mind out of that gutter!) for a long time. Well, a few months. And had had no real response at all. I didn't really realize or mind this since the internet is just secondary anyway, more for fun. And I was just too busy to even update it.

So then the other day, I changed my picture to a different one (still not dirty!). It was basically the same. I mean not spectacular. And yet, I got five new messages THAT DAY. I was like, wow. Either that is a crazy coincidence or my first picture really really really sucked.

Just made me think.... hmmm kinda scary really


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