Sunday, October 11, 2009


Wow, I fail at keeping up with this. Ten days. Booooo. Bad me.

Weird thing too, and something I have been pondering a lot recently: What do I actually do? Like on a day to day basis. When I meet people I always get that question: "What do you like to do?" And every time I struggle to think of how to answer. That can't be right. Shouldn't that be one of those things that rolls of the tongue immediately after asked??

What do you think? If I ask you what you like to do, would you have an immediate answer? have to think about it? WRITE COMMENTS PEOPLE! Yes.

I will sit here working on calculus until you do....


Tyler said...

I, personally, have a 'canned' answer--for example, my friends know me as a baker, so I say that I go home, bake, and eat. Which is partially true. But an honest answer? Funny, I have No Idea. Especially since what I like to do is often different that what I do do. Yes, I just said do do. Go ahead, you can snicker.

There, you are free of your Calculus bondage. Now you can go do...????

Connor said...

Yay Tyler! Sadly, my calculus bondage is never ending.... like ever!

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