Friday, October 16, 2009

3 Pillars of Online-ness

So just thinking here... (as I am bored with nothing to do; LAST time for that for a while)... there now seems to be three pillars of my online presence.

1) Facebook - well obviously. The oldest pillar. Just got stats on my profile (well status' mostly) and found that I have written 654 status' since my first one, 451 days ago. This wowed me. Not that is surprising that it is that high, I do spend my life online after all. But status' on facebook are all insights to my thoughts, emotions, and life. Crazy to look back at them...

2) Blog- Thats right! This here written thing that is updated...not often enough, and is super... well, boring I guess... But still represents things going on in my life. And when I get into the habit of working on it more (and maybe have a life with more to write about) it will be a larger pillar.

3) Twitter - And finally the newest one. Yes, I reactivated my twitter acount. While I, as well as everyone seems like, think Twitter is relatively stupid, it is nice as a place to get my status-ing out of me. When I find some music clip, some passing emotion, some awesome insight, or weird observation, I put it on Twitter. Bonus is, I know like 3 people on there (and they never us it) so my tweets are mostly ignored. So it is just a calming thing for me. Nice!

*** Tip: You wanna know what is really going on inside my crazy head? Check out my Twitter. Not nearly as censored as all this other stuff. Think of it as Connor *UNRATED* hahahaha Check me out:


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