Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Friends Are Amazing

Recently I have been feeling very down on humanity. On the way they treat each other; on the horrible things they do.

But in the last few days I have been reminded of one thing that makes humans so amazing. And I do not mean everyone by this statement, but only a very select few people. Several of my closest friends are this kind of person.

Shit happens to people. It does. It is one of the worst parts of our society and one of the things I detest about humanity. The things we do to others. While it is horrible, bad things do bring out amazing things in people.

I have recently felt the strongest feelings of pride, respect and sheer love for my friends for the INCREDIBLE strength they show every single day. Whether it is recovering from terrible past experiences or going through present cruelties, they stand strong against it all! And while they struggle they are constantly succeeding; more than they even know.

I am reminded by these people that the bad people in the world truly have no power over us. They cannot bring us down. They cannot force us to change or be unhappy. Because we are stronger; we are better than them.

Anyone and everyone that overcomes the crap people in the world to be stronger, happier, and better people deserve and have my eternal love and respect! I am so proud to know all of you. You inspire me every single day.

*Stay Fabulous!*


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