Friday, November 13, 2009

Inner Thought

My new saying and path in life is "Find Yourself. Be Yourself. Love Yourself."

While I have felt in the past that I have moved from different stages in this saying, I now feel that I am still within the "Find Yourself" segment. Parts of myself are solidly formed and will never changed. And in certain matters I am very set in myself, but not in every way. I am working on this now and have re-devoted myself to inner thought. Hopefully this will help me reclaim some happiness.

A major problem I continually run into, and dislike myself for, is the need for someone else. I want more than anything to be a self fulfilling person, who can be strong, happy, and make change in the world with just me, not dependent on any one else. I have tried hard to get there. Continually. And I always will. But I cannot seem to move past the desire or yearning for at least some one to share my life changes with; some one to help become a strong and independent person; some one to be truly interested in my life and who I can share an interest in theirs; someone who will hold me tight when hard times come, 'cause I know they will; just someone to be with.

I am always looking for this person. I sincerely hope they are out there.


kaeklep said...

I absolutely love your new saying, though I disagree that it's a constant process. The steps in it are and should be fluid. Everybody is constantly finding zerself, performing zerself, and learning to love zerself. Everyone moves from one step to the next, then back again, and there is no clear endpoint, nor any clear beginning.

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