Monday, March 8, 2010

Blah Blah Blah (Not the song)

So just some boring stuffage followed by some stuffage that is maybe only interesting to me. Enjoy!

I have resurrected my tumblelog. I got rid of it before because I could not figure out several things and did not want to put the time in to fix them. I have now (well sort of). I am still keeping this one, which will be for more in-depth thoughts and longer text posts. My tumblr will be an in-between blog-thing bigger than Twitter, but smaller than this blog. It is easy for me to share pictures, videos, quotes, links, and small posts there (and because I am lazy this means I will update it more often). However, I like blogger for longer text posts and, as of right now, I have not figured out an easy comment system on Tumblr, so posts that I put more heart into (that I wish to have comments on) will be posted here.

So, yes, if you like the plentiful updates of Twitter but want a little more, follow me on Tumblr.

In other news, well, there isn't really anything. For some reason I feel the need to write this now: I have recently been working on a "confessions" letter of sorts. Basically, it is a note to the closest of my friends explaining and simply just informing them of the terrible things that have happened to me this last semester and a half. I just felt they deserved to know, since I have failed as a friend to them for a while and have not talked to them

I am working on talking to people about my real problems. I usually deal with them myself and lock it all away. At the same time, however, I usually try and act like I confide in people and ask them for help. To do this I usually talk at length about issues that really aren't bugging me as much as I let on. I tell people what I want to tell them, for the responses I wish to get. I am working around this now; I have repaired it a lot with members of my family, but I have really only truly confided in and told the situation to one of my friends.

Anyway, I have this letter almost ready, but now I am struggling to send it. Sometimes I want to more than anything. Other times I see how difficult other peoples' lives are at the moment and I do not want to make things worse, so I want to keep it to myself. Eventually I will send it to them. I just don't want to bother them or make them think that I am just complaining to get attention. I do very much miss my wonderful friends, however, and feel that I am the farthest from all of them (and everyone) that I have ever been.

You probably didn't need to read that.

Oh, I have also decided that I would like to start tracking and documenting many of the mood changes I go through. They seem to tell so much about me, and recently have been changing drastically and often. I am not sure how to chronicle such things though. Dilemma.

C*Nicole Loves You!


kaeklep said...

I once tried to track my mood/sexuality/gender in an Excel document. Then I stopped after a few days. Silly me.

Also, I love you a lot, and I want you to be able to talk to me about whatever, whenever. My arms are open :) -hugs- Really, though, I love you a lot.

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