Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall has descended...

Let me just start by saying that today was freezing!! True, there was no snow, and not even that much rain. But the first cold fall day after summer is always sad. I woke up this morning, looked outside, and thought: "What is this?! It is summer!!." Then I realized it is mid september. Which is still summer!!! But getting later...
I am not ready for fall to start. I love the changing colors and I especially love being able to change wardrobes and start wearing fun new clothes. And omg scarves! But still, I want summer to stay.

*one moment while I get distracted shopping for scarves (not that this is live or anything)*

The cold brings sad feelings normally. It always makes me wish there was someone warm to hug me. If such a person were around I would probably love cold weather! But until then I sit here lonely blogging. Good fun! Ok.. I am done being emo. For the moment. Back to looking for scarves!


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