Friday, September 18, 2009

Quicksand by Everly - Amazing

So I found this song a few days ago and it has literally become one of those had-it-on-repeat songs. Just as proof, I bought the song Monday (yes after having watched the season premier of One Tree Hill, don't judge) and as of right now the play count is 52. Make that 53 as I am listening to it this very moment.

Not sure what it is about Quicksand (although I tend to love everything Bethany Joy does; she is amazing!) but the lyrics are just enchanting and pull me in over and over again. They even made my Facebook status (not that difficult really) with the line: "they think your gone forever; I know the truth, it's just getting hard to believe it."

I found this youtube version of the entire song, however, you should all go buy it!! Everly is an amazing group and they need our support.


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