Friday, December 18, 2009


I am not a particularly superstition person. I do not follow the signs, or moods, or whatever of the moon. I do not read fate, magic, or stuff being meant-to-be into every situation. And I do not religiously follow my horoscope.

This does not mean I am above such things, however. I do enjoy the feeling of something larger, something magical, something meant-to-be at certain times.

There is an app on my iPod Touch for horoscopes. In the large scheme I rarely use it. But, at times, I do enjoy to read what it has to say (there are many sub categories of horoscope available). When I read them I do find it amusing, or at least a little special, when they coincide well with my life.

For instance.

Today, Fridays, 'scopes are as follows for me (the interesting ones anyway):

Quickie: "Your balance is off. Keep a low profile until you've got your equilibrium back." True.
Love: "The secret to successful dating is realizing that your happiness is entirely in your own hands -- not someone else's." True. And something I have been struggling a lot with lately.
Astroslam (lol): "If you're obsessed with figuring everything out, you run the risk of missing the point entirely. Relax." True. Again a struggle.

Nothing that spectacular, you say. True. Mundane and even typical and bland really. Never the less, they do coincide with my life as it is right now. I take that for what I will. There is a somewhat nice feeling in reading them, however. No point in denying that.


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