Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PIGGIES! - A Life Update

So I know you are all dying to know what is going on in my life; don't even try to deny it. So here we go!

I am sitting here waiting for my newest video, Beach!, to upload. Can you guess what it is about? Here, I will help you, it is about the BEACH! Wow, amazing I know. Anyway it is just the randomness that was my freezing cold trip to Ocean Shores, WA on my recent trip to Seattle. The wind was howling SO loud that you could not here a word I said, but fear not, I made some lovely insights in a voice-over from my warm and cozy desk at home. The video also features (for the first time EVER; yeah, that's right, EVER) my new promo/opener/what-cha-ma-callit for PronounMe. It is rather drab actually, but I am just getting used to and learning the whole editing software thing, so give me a break. I am already working on a new one actually, go figure! Until then, enjoy what you got!

I had a lovely time over Thanksgiving break. For those of you who *pay attention, (WAKE UP!) I took a trip with my family out to see my grandparents in Seattle, WA. The trip was not super eventful (minus the Beach! and a trip to Columbia Center, the tallest building in Seattle, both of which will be featured in videos shortly so that y'all can see) but it was nice to see family. We had a wonderful, and mostly vegan, Thanksgiving dinner. It was quite fantabulous as always. I have pictures I should share...

- This is all the food (actually not all but most) after I tried to stuff it on my
plate. I didn't have room :(. It was all delicious! And notice, NO TURKEY! No Tofurkey either, I can't stand that stuff. But yes it was all very yummy. I am sad
we did not get to take the leftovers...

I am listening to an amazing song by Alex Day at the moment, Holding On. I love it. He is special special. But that was an interjection...

Nothing else out of the ordinary has happened too recently. I am very close to either killing or leaving the At&t Monster, as I now call it. Basically, if you really want to talk to me DON'T call me. I won't see your call coming in and probably won't get the message till a few hours later. It is madness I tell you! So yeah, text me if you need to, or find me online somewhere. Cellphones are dead. Lol, well at least until I deal with the At&t Monster.

I have recently become aware that there are a large number of pictures on my phone that I have been meaning to blog about, so look for those in the near future. And keep an eye out for my awesome videos! They are slowly getting better, I hope.

Much love to you all! I hope you all had a fantabulous and fantastical December 1st!


*Guess what! If you actually DO pay attention, and read this before, well... to very long, then write me comment/tweet me/facebook me/something to get my attention. Then bi-goli (sp) I owe you a sweet something! Yes, I know you are writing your fingers off as we, or I, speak.


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