Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Trip to Target. Always worth while!

Pia, Harriet, and I went to Target after breakfast. 'Cause why would we NOT go to Target? Here's what we found...

Well, first, apparently it is basically Valentines day as Target was decked out in pink and hearts were everywhere. You know Target; always on top of things, like, a year before they happen.

Then we came to Hanger Heaven. Look... hangers everywhere!! With a nice label saying "Hangers." Just in case you didn't know what you were looking at. The colorful ones were on the end of the aisle. They weren't quite in Hanger Heaven so they didn't get in the picture. Tear :'(

It's a HEART PILLOW! That's right! And it is huge, hence me being able to hide behind it. It was damn soft, but shocked me when I put it down. Pia grabbed a smaller one, obviously.

And this doesn't even cover the make-up, nail polish, crayons, stickers, journals, Disney princess', vacuums, storage units, pictures, random-telephone-conversations, a visit to Lili, rainboots, or gummy vitamins that the lady told us all about and said that adults could use. That all happened too. Gotta love the big red Target!

Btw, it is not Valentines yet people. Just so we are clear.


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